Documenting Consciousness Development

Developmental research institute will provide a clearing house of references and research that documents the nature, patterns and full-spectrum trajectory of consciousness development.

Loevinger Lineage / STAGES

Prison research (Jani Attebury)

Meditation research (John Churchill) ( Not done yet—in process)

Leader Research (Eric Reynolds) ( Not done yet—in process)

Woman’s Leadership (Natasha Mantler)

Abigail’s research on Development in Higher Education

Neural Research

Dan Brown & John Churchill

Later STAGES Research

IN process: STAGES research in submission to peer reviewed journal

Research in Process

GTC longitudinal Research

Article on the development of the STAGES research…

Specialty protocols research

Research on early perspectives 1.5, 2.0 and 2.5.

Later level research—Triangulation

Grounding STAGES in solid statistical approaches: cut-off research and the Rasch for all ego developmental models

Models & Tools for Unfolding Awareness

DRI is committed to fostering the evolution of research models and assessment tools that document this unfolding of awareness in individuals and collectives

STAGES model, description

Scoring philosophy and general methods

STAGE Lens (Tom Murray’s electronic scoring system)

Integral Polarity Practice (John Kesler’s Developmental Spiritual practice that mirrors the STAGES research and the STAGES research Mirrors IPP)